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Refunds & Replacements

For products ordered on this Site, House of Smoke will provide the purchaser a refund or replacement within three days of receipt of the merchandise if the quality is not satisfactory. House of Smoke agrees to work with each customer on a case-by-case basis for any issue that occurs. In the event the product to be replaced is no longer offered, unavailable or out of stock, the purchaser agrees to accept a suitable substitution recommended by House of Smoke or a refund. House of Smoke undertakes no obligation to issue refunds or replacements for products purchased on third-party web sites or in a physical retail store.

James Malocsay
James Malocsay
August 11, 2021.
This is my all time favorite deli/meat market!! I live about an hour and twenty minutes from here but I try to make the drive at least twice a month. The Canadian cruiser is my go to but they have a lot of great sandwiches and meats.
Sarah Busskohl
Sarah Busskohl
May 13, 2021.
Great lunch spot. Pheasant sandwich, German potato soup, and the different kinds of jerkey will be worth the stop.
Weston Taylor
Weston Taylor
March 4, 2021.
Amazing place to eat. The food is always great and enjoyable. Service is also great.
Tyler Kress
Tyler Kress
November 25, 2020.
Best meats by far! Fantastic prices as well

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