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    James Malocsay
    James Malocsay
    August 11, 2021.
    This is my all time favorite deli/meat market!! I live about an hour and twenty minutes from here but I try to make the drive at least twice a month. The Canadian cruiser is my go to but they have a lot of great sandwiches and meats.
    Sarah Busskohl
    Sarah Busskohl
    May 13, 2021.
    Great lunch spot. Pheasant sandwich, German potato soup, and the different kinds of jerkey will be worth the stop.
    Weston Taylor
    Weston Taylor
    March 4, 2021.
    Amazing place to eat. The food is always great and enjoyable. Service is also great.
    Tyler Kress
    Tyler Kress
    November 25, 2020.
    Best meats by far! Fantastic prices as well

    Sizzle wild game this summer.

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    House of Smoke began back in 1973 by Gordon Barsness and his family. The family found their way to the small town of Fort Lupton, CO from the rural surroundings of Iowa. – Learn more

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